"Share the Warmth" and Help Fellow St. Louisans!

Aside from getting to wear cozy sweaters and boots every day, I'm pretty much sick of winter. I'm ready to not have to carry a coat with me everywhere. To take Maverick for a walk and not fall on the ice. To not constantly worry how many more below freezing days my Dodge Neon will survive. 

But this Laclede Gas and United Way community program is reminding me how lucky I am for those to be my biggest concerns right now. While I'm complaining I don't have enough wine and coffee to get me through my next snow day, families all over St. Louis are struggling just to keep the heat on. 

Laclede Gas and United Way are making it super easy to help our neighbors with their DollarHelp program. Simply check the red box on your gas bill to donate one dollar a month to a neighbor in need. Simple as that. 

They're also hosting a "Share the Warmth" contest on Facebook with a chance to win a trip for four to  srping training. Geez, Florida sounds good right now, doesn't it? Crossing my fingers that a picture of me in pink camo hiking socks, drinking coffee while I sit in bed with Maverick watching House of Cards qualifies as a winner. 

*Just to be transparent - Laclede Gas did reach out to me asking if I'd help spread the word about the program. I'm happy to help. Plus, they offered me Cardinals tickets for next summer and I'll never turn that down.

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