Colorado for Labor Day

A week from today, I'll be in Southwest Colorado!

We're headed on an epic camping/roadtrip for Labor Day Weekend, and we've got so much crammed into just a few days: Durango, Cortez, a cabin in Pleasant View, the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Petrified Forest, Mesa Verde, two nights of camping, fishing, hiking... It's a bit overwhelming trying to fit it all in a few days (especially when some things are hours apart), but I think we're ready.
To be honest, the things I'm most looking forward to the most are the spontaneous ones. The downtime. Stopping in at little diners on the road for breakfast and lunch on the road. Sitting around the campsite at night chatting. Starring out at the Grand Canyon in awe. Not having 24/7 internet access (even if it kills me). Drinking wine and looking at nature. Drinking beer and looking at nature. Drinking coffee and looking at nature.
I've been to the area before (when I was really little), and this isn't my first trip to Colorado, as you know (Winter Park in February 2013 and Steamboat & Colorado Springs in March 2011), but I'm really looking forward to seeing a completely different part of the state than I have in recent years. The funny thing is, in planning this trip, we found there was so much in the region that we wanted to do and see, and unfortunately, not enough hours in the extended weekend. I want to get back to the mountains in the summertime. I want to go to a rodeo. And a hot springs, again. I want to hike to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon. I'm beginning to think we'll be making a trip to Colorado every couple years....

For more CO inspiration (and photo credits) check out my Labor Day in Colorado Pinterest Board.

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