I (heart) NYC

Okay, I'm not sure if I love New York yet.... but I leave tomorrow for a whole week in the big apple! Things will be slow, if not nonexistent, here on the blog but no worries- I'll be back!

On the agenda:
Tuesday: land in NYC around 10pm, try to find a cab to take me to Amanda's place at Columbia University
Wednesday: lunch with Amanda and Promises, Promises on Broadway!
Thursday: completely open (aka, me wandering the city confused.)
Friday: check out of casa de Klohmann and into the hotel. Kristin gets there that night and we are going to the top of the Empire State Building- Sleepless in Seattle style!
Saturday: Early morning trip to the Statue of Liberty and sight-seeing. 
Sunday: MTV day. 
Monday: back to STL

I've still got a ton of packing, laundry, shopping, and errands to run before I leave... but I'm psyched!


Carlie said...

Have tons of fun! What does the MTV day entail? Are you going to be on TV??

Danielle said...

maybe!! I'm going to the TJ finale! I think they are having us 'loser' TJs all sit together or something so we might be on TV! It is Sunday, August 8th at 9pm central!

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