Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City...

This weekend I took a little roadtrip up to KC to visit with friends and watch the Cardinals/Royals game. 

I haven't been out of town in quite some time, so it was fun roadtripping and exploring a new city! I didn't get to stop at QT on the way out of town for a big soda and taquito like I had planned, but here is what I did get to do....

On the way there, we stopped in Columbia, Mo., for Trop's (of course). I started to wonder when I would stop seeing people I knew when I visited my college town. I still know quite a few people younger than me, and a lot of my friends have stayed in Columbia for work and grad school. It will be weird to come visit someday and feel like an outsider.

Anyway, we hit bad traffic (for no apparent reason) right outside of Columbia- so thank god we had our Trop's! We ended up rolling into KC around 11:30 for beer, a few very unorganized games of flip cup, and overall fun times with friends. Plus, I realized a few things: (1) having a keg in your kitchen is rather convenient for a weekend of drinking. (2) Pringles in a bag are still really good.

Saturday, I got to sleep in til 10am, which was great (but is it really sleeping in if you went to bed around 4 or 5am? Anyway...). I looked up brunch places in KC. The 'best' results were all BBQ joints. Questionable. I looked up soccer bars in KC. One result, and it was closed in 2009. Again, questionable.

We headed off to 810 Zone on the Plaza to watch USA take on Ghana in the World Cup. Side note: Did you know KC was so hilly? (Like John's Big Deck?) Seriously though, that's the closest I'll ever get to feel like I'm in San Francisco!). The result of the game was, well, not good, but at least my chicken sandwich was delicious! Think positive, people. 

Back at Kyle's, we played in the front yard a little and then headed inside to relax and watch some Ghostbusters on VH1. I got to experience firsthand my friends' reactions to seeing me in the TJ commercial. ("Oh my god, Danielle. That was you.... you were just on TV! Why are you on TV?!"). That was kind of fun. I guess with as much as I'm online, I assume everyone knows. It isn't something I bring up or talk about all the time (believe it or not), so it was funny having someone 'discover' it right in front of me. 

That night, we went to Blanc Burger on the Plaza. Two words: freakin' delicious. The white/orange decor is cool (and entertaining), and the food is awesome (I had the burger stuffed with bleu cheese and the fries, literally, a la carte). See photos for evidence:
After dinner, we headed out to Power and Light. We fought crowds, got sweaty, and eventually made our way into Angel Rock Bar. We fought crowds, got sweaty, and eventually found a little spot for us to stand. We fought crowds, got sweaty, and left Power and Light for the less crowded Tom Fooleries on the Plaza. (Another side note: I saw SIX people I knew at Power and Light. None of them were from KC, all were from St. Louis. Weird.) It was nice to have our own table and to be cool enough that we weren't drowning in our own sweat. Plus, I've learned that cab rides have the potential to be some of the most fun you'll have all night. 

Sunday morning, we all lounged around until heading out to lunch at Bella Napoli. I ate a sandwich filled with meat I've never heard of and can't pronounce... but it was good (look at me, trying new things!). Then it was back to STL, where I came home to a yummy dinner and dead plants. 

I guess if a few dead plants is the worse part of your weekend, you can't complain. 

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