An ode to my aviators

A few weeks ago, someone stepped on my absolute favorite pair of aviators. I was heartbroken. I have been wearing the same pair of $5.80 Forever 21 Aviators for the last three years, every summer stopping in to pick up at least three pair. I was down to my last two- one, lost in the streets of Soulard on Mardi Gras, and now the other, smashed.

I went to Forever 21's website but, to my dismay, my sunnies were no where to be found. I knew it was probably time to move on, but the idea of finding a new pair seemed impossible. It's not like this is my first time trying to look beyond Forever. I've tried on 'av's' everywhere I see them- Target, gas stations, outlet malls, department stores- but they never seem right.

My babies had the perfect shape, the perfect fit, and the perfect gold/brinze tints to match my tan face and blondish summer hair. That isn't something yu can easily replace, believe me.

Anyway, I had all but given up the search (guess my classic black wayfarers and new/old bug-eyed rosy glasses I stole from my Grandma's basement would have to do...), when the most amazing thing happened.

There, on the most unorganized sunglass rack in the world, right in the middle of South County's Forever 21, was one last pair of my beloved aviators!

I got them, duh, along with another pair with slightly square-er lenses that also look, in my opinion, pretty awesome on me.

Here are some pictures of me in my aviators to celebrate this glorious day!

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