The Beginning of the End.

It's FINALE week for LOST. And to celebrate/mourn, everyday I will be featuring a different LOST print from Mattson Creative. (Yes, I know, I should feature these on Addicted to Television, since it is in fact TV related... but it is also design related. So there.)


iga@thedelishdish said...

so cool to find another st. louis blogger!! and one that is just as addicted to lost as i am....love it! im so excited to see what happens but I dunno what I'll do with myself once its actually over. so bittersweet...

Danielle said...

ah, I know! I'm excited for it to end, because I want to see it... but the again, I don't know what I'll do with my life without it!

if you like TV, you should check out my other blog- Addicted to Television http://daniellestvaddiction.blogspot.com/. I try to keep my TV stuff there... but sometimes when it is as good as these Lost posters it gets double posted! I just can't help it!

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