It's one of my favorite books of all time. My sophomore year in high school, my English teacher gave us a choice between two books- Alive.... and something else (is that sad that I can't even remember what it was?). She warned us that Alive was a true story, about a group of rugby players that crashed in the Andes Mountains in the 1970s.... and it was pretty graphic. After spending years reading survivor stories like Lord of the Flies and Hatchet, I'm not really sure what intrigued me enough to want to read this book (after all, it's not like my favorite plane crash survivors of Oceanic 815 had even come about yet...), but I did.

Their story is one of struggle, of faith. It is truly heartbreaking. I've never seen the movie (starring Ethan Hawke), I'm not even sure if I still own my copy of the book. I read it once, and that's all it took.

And then this morning, I came across this documentary of the incident- Stranded: I've Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains. Blame it on the end of Lost, but I have a renewed interest in the story. Perhaps I'll even go home and look for that old copy of the book and reread it again. I know one thing, I'll be renting this documentary very soon...

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