My one and only wrecking ball...

I know I missed #musicmonday, but I just have to rave about Brandi Carlile for a minute...

I loved her from the moment I heard 'The Story' a couple of years ago and just last week finally got out to buy her new CD, Give Up the Ghost. 

And. I . Love. It. The hard part is picking just one song to feature here. So I decided to make it easy and just got with the first song on the CD, which also happens to be one of my favorites... 'Looking Out'

I close my eyes I think of you, I take a step I think of you, 
I catch my breath I think of you, I cannot rest I think of you 
My one and only wrecking ball, and you’re cutting through my 
walls. When you’re outside looking in you belong to someone and 
when you feel like giving in and the coming of the end, like 
your heart could break in two, someone loves you.

She is seriously amazing. Check out her website, and please, donate to my Bonnaroo fund so I can see her in concert!

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