I don't know what I'm doing. Help me figure it out.

I have a problem.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. "Danielle, you've got tons of problems. You blog too much, you live with your parents, your hair is in an awkward in between stage..." But this is serious.

I work in a field/industry that (in my opinion) is totally undefined. Sometimes, that is nice. I like evolving. I like learning new things. But I want business cards. I want a title. I want some definition. And lately that seems impossible...

In a nutshell, here is what I think I do:
Through research and collaboration with my company and clients, I work to develop and implement social media marketing strategies. I manage my company's online presence- acting as the voice of my agency. I generate content for our blog, and distribute ad promote it on various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. On the client side, I help them find their social media voice, helping them make the most out of this ever-evolving platform. 
I also do my fair share of proofing, phone-answering, general errand-running, and clever YouTube video-viewing. 

Here are some titles I see floating around out there of people in my 'industry': 
Social Media Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, New Media Manager,  Emerging Communications Manager, Online Media Specialist, Online Communications Strategist, Social Media Strategist, Internet Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Strategy Manager, Online Account Executive, Online Media Executive

Do any of those match what I do? I don't know, you tell me. Seriously


chelsea said...

how ironic, today I was officially dubbed "social media strategist." as for my job description?

"maintain composure and strategize client response while thousands of moms rake my client's company over the coals in front of thousands of other moms." oh, and "diaper outsourcing expert."

in other words, f our lives

Danielle said...

ha, I love it!

Elle said...

I think "social media manager" is the simplest and most accepted term. Anyone that "manages" a company's online/social media presence (or, in your case, helps manage other companies') fits the general description. At least, this is the term I think we'll be seeing the most in the future.

Danielle said...

See, I used to like social media strategist and social media manager a lot, but here are my issues...
1. I don't want the 'manager' part because I fear that implies I'm at a higher level that the designers or account exec at my office
2. I think my boss thinks 'strategist' is too trendy sounding.
3. I'm beginning to follow the 'social media is just one piece of the overall marketing puzzle' mindset, and thus, don't want it in my title. You wouldn't trust a 'Brochure Specialist' would you? No, that's dumb.

Why is this so complicated?!

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