Home Sweet Home

I'm this close to finally moving out of my parent's house (see ya Mom and Dad!), and can't get my mind off filling my new digs with...

  • Rugs, like these
  • Bookshelves, like these
  • A kitchen stocked with Nesquick, snap peas, frozen chicken breasts, bagels, orange juice, Pepsi, milk, Shop N Save's chicken salad, veggies, fruit, chips and salsa, lil smokies, little salamis, cream cheese...
  • The Hoover vaccuum that my mom hates but I love
  • A spot by the door to put my purse, keys, and coat
  • A little clutter (or a lot...)
  • A Mizzou flag hanging by the door (hinging on the fact that I find a place with my own front door....)
  • Wine bottles (both full and empty)
  • Things for Maverick (my dog, FYI): his dog bed on the floor, even though he will never lay on it because he will be in my bed or the couch; a dog house for him outside, which he probably won't use either; a spot for his dog bowl right outside the back door... or maybe in the kitchen, dog treats galore on top of the fridge (i'm babying him, aren't I?)
  • Pictures. Everywhere. 
  • An iPad (in my dreams)
  • DVR
I've got it all planned out.... now if only I could find the perfect place to live...

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