The Essential Southwest Colorado Camping/Road Trip Packing List

I just got back from a six-day trip to Southwest Colorado and Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest and decided to put together a little list of the things I couldn't live without. Now, keep in mind this list is excluding the obvious – like a tent, for example – but come on, that would just be overwhelming to name every single thing.

I will say, for the sake of transparency, that all of our camping equipment was shipped out to Colorado a few week's prior, so we didn't have to worry about getting that through security or on the plane. Definitely made things easier. And I was travelling in a pair, so that meant two carry-on bags (and more importantly, two Ziploc baggies of liquids!).

So, here it is, my Essential Southwest Colorado Camping/Road Trip Packing List:
Baseball cap, backpack, and as many American Apparel v-necks as your suitcase will allow. This pic was from our day at Mesa Verde
TGFB (Thank God for Birchbox!) We've accumulated so many travel size items it makes packing a breeze. Pictured here, toothpaste, dry shampoo, moisturizer and CC cream. Also, wet wipes! These things came in super handy for days we didn't get to shower (as did the dry shampoo). 
A rain jacket. You know, for that day that it inevitably rains on your hike at the Grand Canyon. le sigh
Slip-on shoes for the airport, long days in the car and at campsites are a must! Sperry's were substantial enough for all the little trails and scenic overlooks we stopped to visit.
A koozie for all the beers you'll be consuming. Don't worry about packing it though - pick one up as a souvenir! :)
Scandal (or other binge-worthy show) on your iPad. I'll admit, I planned to do a lot of reading this week, and alas, I did not. But hey, now I'm all caught up with Olivia Pope and pals. 

Also got a lot of use out of Nike dri-fit socks, my cross body bag from Rack and Clutch, quick-dry towels from Reebok (pretty sure they were meant for hot yoga...) and our car charger for iPhone/iPad. 

Happy packing! :)

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