Keys to St. Louis: Day 3

I realized last night when I checked in again for 'some of my favorite pizza in St. Louis' that pretty much all I've done this week is eat pizza, visit food trucks and drink coffee. 


There is more to St. Louis than that, I promise! Coming up in the next few days, I'm hoping to get donuts at an STL classic, do some farmer's market shopping, get my favorite South County sandwich and even go to some extra special events! Stay tuned.

Anyway. Here's my Wednesday....

 gooey butter may be the ultimate 'key to St. Louis'. Caramel Apple from Park Avenue Coffee
 SUCH a gorgeous day in Midtown! 
 another favorite food truck - Go Gyro Go! May be my favorite gyro in St. Louis
Ferraro's Pizza on their Soulard patio = the best dinner

I also had my first game of fall softball at Forest Park last night, but was too busy to take pictures! This summer, we got a team together to play in the Blackthorn Pub (more GREAT pizza!) League at Tower Grove Park and it.was.a.blast. We had so much fun, made some new friends and always had something cool to do on Tuesday nights. 

This fall, we're playing on Wednesdays at Forest Park and it's..... serious. We're under the lights on really nice fields, we play double headers every week, no double innings, a bunch of crazy rules I don't understand... the games might as well be televised! 

It's a lot of pressure for non-athletic little ole me, but it is so much fun and just recreational. Win or lose, we always have a great time and that's all that matters. 

Consider this one of my 'keys to St. Louis' - go play. Find a softball team, a kickball team, sand volleyball, bowling - whatever. Don't be afraid to join a team where you don't know anyone. Get a team of misfits together. Get matching shirts. Make up a stupid team name. Have fun. 

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