Keys to St. Louis: Day 2

8am: Started the day off with a trip to (my favorite coffee shop/cafe in St. Louis) Hartford Coffee Company, near Tower Grove Park.
drink of choice: Vietnamese Iced Coffee (expresso + sweetened condensed milk)
doesn't the Chevy Malibu look good in this neighborhood? 

11:30am: Loaded up the Atomicdust crew and went to the food trucks at Wells Fargo (Beaumont and Pine). My choice? Seoul Taco, obviously. 
These guys make the most amazing steak tacos. You gotta try 'em. 

6pm: Got down to business at REBUS' monthly event at Atomicdust. We presented 'Things We've Learned" in marketing and design. Pretty great event, if I do say so myself. [Full disclosure: I was one of the speakers.]
this is obviously BEFORE the people got here. It was a packed house, I promise. 

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