I have this new goal of trying to be a grown up. I'm 25 now (I know, right?!) and there are little things I feel like a 25 yr old should be able to do.... keep her house clean, do her dishes, not let laundry pile up a mile (and a half) high, wash her face before bed, use fancy hair products and face lotion, not have rotten food in the fridge.... (related: My Closet Purge is part of being a grown up. I'll have you know I already have one box of items ready to be given away! Go me!)

This morning, I took a step towards adulthood.

I cooked chicken this morning while I was getting ready for work. 

Yep. Sure did.

I had bought chicken to eat for lunch on Saturday (when we go fishing!) and it was to the point that I need to either cook it of freeze it. I absolutely hate the time it takes to defrost things, so I decided to just cook it while I was getting ready for work.

Talk about multi-tasking!

Oh, and I stopped for an iced coffee on my way to work (which may or may not have made me 20 minutes late...) and that always makes me feel like a grown up.

The coffee part, not the being late for work part.

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