Show Me the Clothes

On Saturday, I got to lead a discussion on gender in blogging and social media at the Show Me the Blog Conference (shameless plug: check out my tweetable takeaways here). The best part was getting to mix and mingle with a bunch of local bloggers! I go to a ton of social media and marketing events, but this was a completely different crowd and I loved it.

I've been looking for local style bloggers to connect with for a while now, and thanks to The Sassy Peach's fashion blogging session, I got to meet a few! Economy of Style and Motor City Moxie were both there (and both from right here in STL!) and we planted the idea of having a style blogger meet up sometime soon. Are you a style blogger in (or around) St. Louis and want to join us? Leave a comment!

Also, I took the plunge (per Sassy Peach's advice) and joined Independent Fashion Bloggers. I hate calling myself a 'fashion' blogger.... because I don't think I'm particularly fashionable.... but until there's an Independent Take-A-Picture-In-The-Mirror-of-Your-Target-Outfit Bloggers group, this will do.

white jeans, flats from Target. black sweater from Gap. assorted silver and gold bracelets. nail polish is Slick Slate by Sally Hansen (and got lots of compliments!). 


Ashley said...

I joined IFB a while ago and just thought it was a waste - it seems very spammy and the editors/top dogs in it seem self-serving - I don't think it's as helpful as it used to be.

ANYWAY, I like this outfit (and wish I could wear jeans to work!) and I'm completely interested in a blogger meet up....especially if it involves cocktails :)

Ashley said...

oh, and I wanted to say that I don't consider myself a "fashion" blogger AT ALL, but rather a personal style blogger.

Danielle said...

Thanks for weighing in! I haven't seen much benefit from IFB yet... I guess I read enough blogs on my own to sort of get inspiration, best practices, etc. Plus, randos keep 'friending' me on there and I feel weird about adding another social network....ugh.

A 'style' bloggers meetup will be in the works soon! :)

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