Step 1: Get my name right.

I've been in a helpful mood lately. 

Maybe it's because I'm finally really happy about where my life is, maybe I'm just looking to score some karma points.... whatever.

I've been helping people look for jobs. Helping out around my house (more...  but still not enough). Making an effort to promote great bloggers I know by commenting on their sites and giving them #FollowFriday shout outs (yep, I am a nerd). So when I got this request from an old friend (that mind you, I went to high school with, college with, and recently had an extensive online conversation about the Saint Louis job market with), I was more than happy to help. 

Sure thing. I sent her my address. Then this happened. 


Confused? You see, I don't have my last name on Facebook. Instead, it just says 'Danielle Lynn.' But you would think that someone I went to high school and college with (same major!) and had given career advice to just a few months back would have noticed that.... 

Maybe I'm asking too much, but if you are going to solicit me for business at least get my name right!


Kristin said...

If it makes you feel any better, I contacted the listing agent for a house for sale on our street (I was curious about the price). I signed my name "Kristin" . . . he responded with "Kris." I ignored him. Then, I got another email from him about an open house and he then addressed it to "Kris." Again, I ignored him and did not go to the open house and introduce myself as he asked. Seriously though, who did that guy think he was?!

Danielle said...

People randomly assigning nicknames is a HUGE no-no. You'd think a real estate agent- that spends so uch time working with, and trying to establish positive relationships with people- would know that.

I just think the worst part about this is that we went to school together, had classes together, for the last eight years! It's not like we barely know each other..

Carlie said...

Ouch. I've definitely been called the wrong name before (Carrie, Charlie, etc.) - perhaps more often than the right name by strangers. But when it's someone you've known for a long time - no excuse for that!!

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