It's 'Cara leaves for Africa' Day

Why stop being an over-achiever when you leave school? My good friend Cara - who pretty much rocks- has decided to join the Peace Corps and is headed off to Morocco as we speak. To commemerate her departure, I'll be spending the day sharing some memories...

Cara, Mallory, Valli, Me

I was at Piano for Mom's weekend, and I saw Cara sitting with a bunch of her KD friends. I wanted to go up and say hi, but I was really nervous (I guess this networking thing has been an issue for a while...). I believe right as this picture was taken, we were discussing how Mallory's dress looking like a piano and setting plans in motion for the first Commanders in Cheif Pub Crawl. 

This is the first ever picture of the President's cult. Who would have thought we would all become such great friends? 

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