Dear (Crazy) Mizzou Friends,

While having a real tiger would be seriously TIGHT, you're nuts to think this will/should happen. Keeping a wild animal like a tiger in Missouri? Ridiculous. Stupid. Unethical.

Stop watching The Hangover.




ColbyWG said...

awww come on. What if we go to Las Vegas and steal Mike Tyson's tiger.


Monica H. said...

Agree. Not gonna happen. When they were considering closing McDonalds last year, rumors started going around that it was going to turn in a house/cage for the tiger. BAD IDEA PEOPLE! BAD IDEA! Lol.

Danielle said...

1. Colby, no. Still not acceptable. I mean, I'm all for going to Vegas and stealing his tiger... let's just not connect it to the sacred Mizzou name. Instead we'll just spread the rumor we did it and they will talk about it in the 'myths and legends' video they show freshman....

2. And Monica, I'm glad you share my sentiment. I think it's because we are old(er) and wise(r)

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