Best. Job. Description. (Ever.)

"Make something memorable. Turn the category on its head. Be better than you were yesterday. Fail. Try Again. Collaborate. Brush up on your German. Take it on the road. Fight for the idea. Make up words. Go to the conference, then speak at it. Coax it out. Document it. Get on the birthday list. Push it. Cheer the Phils. Question presidents. Change minds. Make espresso. Learn the process. Dump beer on your boss. Start it up. Check out Billy Penn. Create brands. See all twelve toes. Put it on the crit wall. Find out why. Present it yourself. Ask for help. Assert your opinion. Share inspiration. Celebrate small victories. Do shots to big ones. Tell a story. Invent characters. Color outside the lines. Blog. Earn a nickname. Create a haiku. Debate. Turn your work space into a lodge. Get on the dance floor."

Don't you want this job? Sounds fun!

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