Am I Crazy?

Can someone from the PNW area tell me if this is crazy?
Day 1
Fly in to Portland
Day 2
Full day in Portland
Day 3
Drive 1 hr to Columbia River Gorge for the morning; 4 hr to Seattle for the evening
Day 4
Full Day Seattle
Day 5
Drive 3 hours to Rainier for the day; 3 hours back to Seattle
Day 6
Morning in Seattle; Drive 3 hours to Vancouver for evening
Day 7
Full day ferry trip to Vancouver Island / Victoria
Day 8
Full day in Vancouver
Day 9
Long drive w/ stops in Olympic Park and coast, to Astoria
Day 10
morning in Astoria, 4 hrs to Eugene for the evening
Day 11
Eugene / OR exploration
Day 12
Eugene / OR exploration
Day 13
Fly home out of Portland

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