Just For The Record

Today started off with me throwing three eggs away because I couldn't get them over easy. 

Then I watched almost the entire season of Bloodline on Netflix. I thought about taking Mav for a walk. Key phrase - *thought about.* 

I pouted because I couldn't get the salsa jar open. 

I drank 2 beers and 3 glasses of wine. By myself. Just chilling watching TV. I am not proud of this. 

I huddled in my basement during a tornado warning (with said glass of wine). 

I chased a moth around my house with bug spray trying to kill it. Almost threw a shoe at it but wussied out. Ended up losing the moth, so I turned other lights on and went into my bedroom with the door shut and kept the bug spray on my nightstand (for safety?). 

As I sit here thinking about how I'm failing at adulthood, I realize my parents had two kids at my age. Cool. 

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