Morning Musings (8th Ed.)

Instead of spending time making things neon and changing bars to dots, why doesn't Apple focus all of its energy on a paper white screen feature for iPad, iPhones and laptops so we can all work outside on nice days?

Work hard so that you can play hard. And by play hard, I mean eat well and travel often.

Weren't we just saying, "Man, I can't believe it is already July!" And now it is almost over. Blah.

Can someone create an adult living class where we learn about 401k's, changing oil, home repair, finances, ironing, things you can and can't do while pregnant etc.? I've recently learned there is some basic knowledge I'm totally missing.

I'm really struggling to watch streaming television (via Netflix, Hulu, etc.). I thought I liked binge watching, but I think I prefer the social viewing experience. The urgency. The watercooler discussion. I understand that this is NOT something I should be wasting my time stressing out about.

Sometimes I'd rather just keep driving, listening to KDHX in the mornings.

Speaking of KDHX, heard this one this morning on the way to work. James Maddock's 'Another Life.' Sort of obsessed already.

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