Dear Glitter Guide (and other websites),

I love you, really I do.

But you're making it really hard.

First of all, your whole post does not populate in my Google Reader which means I have to click through to read it. Which means I usually don't.

And then when I do, I'm bombarded with a 'sign up' pop-up even though I am already a subscriber via email and RSS.

And then when I make it through that to read '5 Things to Try This Weekend' or another one of your stellar features, I have to click through each of the five things. I understand you are trying to up your pageviews to appeal to advertisiers, but you're ruining the reading experience of your visitors along the way.

Oh, and every time I click through to see the next 'thing'? There's that pesky pop-up again! Seriously?!

Written with much love and adoration (and frustration),


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