Morning Musings (7th Ed.)

Being the house where people can come to after a late night to crash on the couch is nice, in theory. But when you want to get up and make coffee and watch TV in the morning and they are sleeping there.... it's kind of annoying.

When is okay to reveal a spoiler?

I used to say I hated winter - but I love boots and sweaters and the holidays, so I guess I don't really hate all of winter. I just hate winter weather. This morning, we had some cold rain and it was a teeny little glimpse towards what's coming.

The Cardinal's only have to win FIVE more games to go #12in12. That blows my freakin mind.

Are there any girls out there that actually enjoy showering in claw foot tubs? I'd love to know your secrets.

It took me too long to discover jeggings.

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